Joint Venture With Us

Joint Venture With Us

With our domain names and your content let's build something together. We are innovative, fast, efficient, friendly and like to share.

Whether your business is a large multinational or a SME we are interested in talking with you. Please email us with your proposal.

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Intaanetto is a social media company specialising in connecting Australians, their cities, industries, businesses and families.

In 1998 Intaanetto's founders identified the internet as being a prime vehicle for social interaction. Intaanetto consequently trialed the use of community Internet portals. Having now confirmed that Intaanetto's models provide a meaningful community service we are now entering a phase of marked activity that will result in Australia being provided with a series of social media portals designed to increase social "capital" based on meaningful interaction between stake holders and joint venture partners.

Make your S.E.O. easier and your Pay for Click programs more powerful.

The higher you rank, the more people click on your website; the lower you rank, the less clicks and traffic your site gets. Thus, ranking high on Page 1 is of ultimate value to every website. Search engine users in the past overwhelmingly clicked on organic results on Google et al by a margin of 94 percent to 6 percent according to new research from GroupM UK and Nielsen, based on a sample of 1.4 billion searches conducted by 28 million UK citizens in June 2011. Take a look at the study here.

However with internet users becoming more sceptical of paid for click ads it seems likely that top of page organic results may well become more dominant. Another factor is that a domain name can say a lot about you/your business. For example would you rather be or The latter describes who and where I am.