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Terra Nullius Concept- Empty Land

Australia has around 20m people the world has over 6 billion.
During the late 90's, following the recognition that the dot com domain space was the place to be in cyberspace, there was a "land rush" for meaningful domain names. Geographic areas that carried "branding" potential such as the "Gold Coast" were heavily targeted. Australia's Gold Coast was in danger of losing its' .com identity as the pressure from the American Gold Coast's including: Gold Coast Chicago, Gold Coast Florida, Gold Coast New York, Gold Coast Hawaii etc on the Gold Coast domain space was overwhelming.

Even today in 2008 there seems to be a disconnect or lack of recognition of the importance of Australia having a strong position in the international domain space, despite many of our larger companies such as ANZ, Virgin, BHP, Rio Tinto and Telstra, branding themselves into the International .com space; perhaps because many Australians are content to be relegated to the second level domain space as they have not realised that to lose the .com space disenfranchises them from the wider world. Put simply Australia has around 20m people the world has over 6 billion.

A Little bit of history:

State of Play as of the 29th November 2000
893 Dot Com Domain Names containing the term "GoldCoast" had been registered

Almost 70% were under USA control

232 were under Australian control (28% of total)

138 were under Gold Coast Australia control (17% of total)

We owned: 105 (32%) of the Australian owned domains

Update: As of the 19/12/2001 1,203 Dot Com Domain Names containing the term "GoldCoast" had been registered.

Over the years, we have increased our holdings of generic and geographic GoldCoast .com domains and have many active Gold Coast websites currently online. They are part of our ongoing R&D program into community based "horizontally linked, vertical, geographically based domains".

We look forward to working with you to further our Australian Gold Coast's presence in cyberspace.